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Engineered carbon removal technologies are crucial to achieving global climate goals. Invest in your organization’s future today.

Supporting your decarbonization journey

Leading scientists agree that reducing emissions is not enough. We need to go further and faster, with carbon removals. Drax is helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals by removing carbon dioxide emissions and permanently storing them – allowing companies to rebalance their carbon footprints, for good.

Drax to launch new business focused on becoming the global leader in large-scale carbon removals

Why Carbon Removals?

There’s no silver bullet – we need all solutions. But scientists have shown that we need to do more than just reduce emissions. We need to remove them.

Leading the

Early adopters are acting now to invest in Carbon Removals. Your investment can help grow the market, giving organizations worldwide the chance to hit their climate targets.

Setting the standards

At Drax, we’re supporting the drive to bring robust standards to the carbon market – ensuring all CO2 removed is accurately measured and independently verified.

Drax | Carbon Removals

Carbon capture technology that removes and stores CO2 underground for thousands of years, with low risk of reversal.

A hybrid, engineered solution that contributes to natural solutions to help reduce global emissions.

Measured, verified Carbon Removals that support a reliable carbon market.

A solution that can scale to limit further global temperature increases.

Market leading
Leading climate experts believe that Carbon Removals are critical for a brighter climate future.

The solution that climate experts agree on: Carbon Removals are critical for a brighter climate future.

Accelerate your decarbonization journey

Time is precious. Demand for Carbon Removals is already exceeding what we’re able to capture, and costs are rising. Organizations need to secure carbon removals now to meet their goals and get ahead.

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Raising the standard in carbon removals

Angela Hepworth, Commercial Director at Drax, explains the importance of establishing standards for high-integrity carbon removals from BECCS.

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