About us

A global leader in carbon removals

At Drax, we’re working to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.

We plan to deliver 14Mt of carbon removals (CDRs) per year by 2030, helping to address the excess of harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. We’re doing this with a uniquely effective carbon capture technology: BECCS.

With Carbon Removals delivered by BECCS, we’re creating opportunities for forward-thinking businesses to advance on their environmental goals while helping reduce historic CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Our expertise, culture and purpose – to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future – are the driving forces behind Carbon Removals by Drax.


CO2 planned to be removed from the atmosphere every year by 2030 with our global BECCS plants.


Renewable power planned to be generated each year by our BECCS plants in the US and UK by 2030.

40+ years

Technical experience including power generation, bioenergy pioneering and decarbonization partnerships.

Drax’s transition from coal to biomass

We have a history of putting sustainability first, testing and proving technologies to solve seemingly unsurmountable challenges.

We transformed what was once Western Europe’s largest coal-fired generators, turning it into the continent’s largest decarbonization project, and largest single-site renewable electricity generator in the UK.