BECCS technology

Behind BECCS

Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is a hybrid climate solution.

Dependent on natural processes while utilizing sophisticated Carbon Capture and Storage technology, BECCS has the potential to deliver large quantities of carbon removals.

BECCS is one of the most scalable carbon removal technologies available.

Click here to learn how BECCS by Drax will deliver 14Mt of carbon removals per year globally

Removes CO2

BECCS begins with photosynthesis in managed forests, absorbing CO2 before being separated and stored using engineered technology.

Permanent storage

CO2 captured through BECCS is stored safely underground for thousands of years, with low risk of reversal.

24/7 renewable electricity​

BECCS is the only carbon removal technology that also generates 100% renewable electricity at scale.

Nature positive outcomes

Our BECCS is only possible with responsible practices, including well managed forests and sustainably-sourced biomass.

At Drax, we hold our operations to high standards that deliver positive benefits for nature, climate and people. Benefits such as healthier forests, increased biodiversity, and support for local communities.