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Helping organizations in their decarbonization journey

Drax is helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals through high-quality carbon removals, and has announced several deals and partnerships to make an impactful difference in the fight against climate change.

As companies, industries, and countries increasingly look to engineered carbon removals to ensure they can meet their climate commitments, CDRs from carbon negative BECCS are becoming an integral piece of this market. Through BECCS, carbon removals are quantifiable and auditable, resulting in a higher quality credit.

Drax’s carbon removals deals:

The latest agreement between Drax and C-Zero is a clear indicator that demand for BECCS-derived carbon removals continues to increase. This announcement comes after a firm offtake deal with Karbon-X, and Drax inked MoUs with Respira and C-Zero prior to that.

Karbon X will purchase 25,000 metric tons of permanently stored carbon at $350 per tonne from Drax

C-Zero will purchase 2,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide removals from Drax’s first US BECCS project.

Drax will purchase 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide removals credits for €400 Euros per tonne

Under the MoU, Respira will be able to secure up to 2 million metric tonnes of CDR certificates from Drax

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