Why carbon removals

Tackling the climate crisis

We’re experiencing unprecedented rapid global warming caused by human activities, mostly due to burning fossil fuels that generate greenhouse gas emissions.

But, together, we have an opportunity to put the planet on a better path.

The rate of temperature increase is moving too quickly to rely solely on reducing emissions, such as switching away from fossil fuels or changing farming practices.

Adding engineered Carbon Removals – working alongside natural processes and other solutions – can help get the job done.

It’s not too late to make a difference.

Scientists believe we’ll need to capture and store as much as 9.5bn tonnes of CO2 every year by 2050 to achieve internationally-agreed climate targets.

What are carbon removals?

Carbon reduction projects, such as replacing fossil fuels with renewable alternatives, help reduce avoidable emissions. But it’s only removal projects, like BECCS, that remove historic CO2 from the atmosphere.

Remove historic emissions

On our current trajectory, even if we stop all emissions tomorrow, historic CO2 in the world’s atmosphere will still be at dangerously high levels.

Mitigate hard-to-remove emissions

Technologies that remove CO2 will be critical to decarbonization efforts in sectors with hard-to-abate emissions, like shipping and aviation.

A remarkable solution 

Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is able to capture emissions at a large scale and store them safely underground, while generating renewable electricity.

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Acting today to invest in tomorrow

Together, we have solutions – but we need full support to limit climate damage. Investing in Carbon Removals can help your business achieve its climate commitments, but we need to act now.

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Leading climate experts believe that Carbon Removals will provide critical support to limit global temperature increases.


Captured CO2 is locked away in natural geological formations, safely stored for thousands of years with low risk of reversal.


Measured and independently verified Carbon Removals that support a reliable carbon market.

Accelerate your decarbonization journey​

At Drax, we’re helping organizations fast-track their climate goals. Get in touch – the decision to improve tomorrow starts today.