Setting the standard

Raising the bar

Carbon Removals are a critical tool to combat the climate crisis. But in an emerging market, robust standards are vital to ensure we’re investing in trustworthy, reliable solutions.

Our principles for high integrity Carbon Removals​


The CO2 we capture will be stored in geological formations for thousands of years, with a very low risk of reversal.

Sustainable development​

Our ambitious projects will create positive outcomes for the climate, nature and people.

Robust quantification​

Every tonne of CO2 removed will be robustly measured, based on conservative approaches and sound scientific methods.


Our BECCS projects will deliver additional climate benefit that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


Reliable tracking, transparent reporting and independent validation will underpin all our removals.

Delivered by BECCS​

Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage will create high integrity Carbon Removals.

Raising the Standard in Carbon Removals

Angela Hepworth, Commercial Director at Drax explains the importance of establishing standards for high-integrity carbon removals from BECCS.

Reduce and

When it comes to abating carbon emissions, there’s a difference between CO2 reductions and CO2 removals.

A portfolio approach​

Tackling emissions needs a diverse range of solutions. How should organisations build a carbon credit portfolio?

Writing the standard

Leaders worldwide are creating new standards for high integrity removals. Here’s how we’re contributing.

The buyers’ guide to high integrity

All in one place – understand, identify and learn how to use high integrity carbon credits to build a sustainable plan to neutralise emissions.